Make-up Online

First things first, have you logged into the new member database? It's quite'll need your member number. Click here to get started. Additional instructions are available here if you get stuck. 

Completed a makeup and ready to get your credit?

  1. Click here to log your makeup credit online, or go to
  2. Enter your username and password
  3. Click on the "My Data" tab
  4. Click "Enter Makeup" below your photo
  5. Complete the form by clicking on the calendar icon to enter the date you completed your makeup.
  6. "Meal Code" can be left as "none."
  7. Enter the club name where you did your makeup. If you completed a makeup by watching a TED video, simply enter "TED" in the "Makeup Venue/Note" field. 
  8. Click "Submit"

Please note: You have a 21 day window after missing a meeting to log your makeup. Makeups entered past the deadline will not be credited toward your missed meeting. When you login for the first time enter Club # 3814 when prompted.

Are you confused about this "TED" business? Visit and watch a few videos. For every 30 minutes you spend watching TED talks, you will earn a makeup.